Can I add an extra Gift Promise to my box?

Yes there is the option to order up to four extra gifts for £1.20 each.

Will my Grandma understand what this gift is all about?

Yes she will! There is a leaflet placed in each gift box which explains the whole idea of “A Gift of Time”

How long will my Gift box take to come?

That depends on which postage you have chosen
1st class post 1-2 days
2nd class post 3- 5 days
Or you can choose next day delivery

How will I know which gift promise to choose?

We have an extensive list of gift ideas which you can browse through that are put into categories to help you identify the type of gift you would like to give that would be appreciated.

How will the person I give this gift to know when I am going to fulfil the gift of time?

It explains in the leaflet that you will decide on a date and time suitable for both of you.