How often do your parents get to see their grandchildren? Quick visits on special occasions, brief stopovers between weekend activities or hardly ever?

Some feel like they are long distance grandparents despite living close-by.

In today’s modern world where communicating is made easy by mobile phone or internet, why is the older generation lonelier than ever before?

Sadly, many people’s lives are too busy to make time for ageing parents or grandparents.

How many times do we promise or offer to do something that involves our personal time, only to conveniently forget or put off due to our hectic life-styles. And no one reminds you because they feel guilty.

Many elderly people struggle with housework, gardening or DIY jobs around the house. They no longer bother to cook for themselves and would so enjoy a home-made meal. They long for exciting trips out in the car as they are no longer able to drive or simply a coffee or lunch, and of course, the company.

A gift of time is a way of making your ageing parents or grandparents feel loved and special ………… as they open the exquisite box and discover your gift of time, they can be assured that the gift promise will not be broken or forgotten. Go on, make your parents or grandparents day by sending them a gift of time.