We at A Gift of Time Company offer a wonderful and unique way for you to give your time as a gift to that special someone in your life. This practice of gift giving was borne out of a desire to break away from our busy life schedules and devote some quality time to the people in our lives who matter – people we love and care about.

No more racking your brain wondering what to buy. We have a list of gift ideas to help you choose something appropriate that will be well received and appreciated.

The time taken running around the shops or frantically searching the web looking for a suitable gift can be tiring and stressful. We offer you an alternative that brings a different dimension to giving gifts to the people you love and cherish.

Your chosen gift will involve a promise to spend some precious time together doing something romantic or exciting, or maybe arranging life enhancing treats for people you care for, who will value the experience beyond any material gift. Time is the most priceless commodity we have, and to give it freely and unconditionally can have amazing benefits for you and those around you.

We have an extensive list of gift ideas for you to browse through. The gift ideas are categorised to help you identify the type of gift you would like to give. Both the Gift Promise List and the List of Categories will be continually changing and expanding so you will always find new and exciting gift ideas. As you will see, we have also included great ideas for entertaining the kids, these too will keep evolving so there will always be something new to interest them.

Time spent together or doing things for each other brings us closer and makes relationships stronger.

A Gift of Time makes the giving of gifts more rewarding and meaningful.

Take a few minutes to visit us at www.agiftoftime.co.uk You will not regret it and it may just change the way you give gifts.